Professional Beauty Supply from Japan.

Professional Beauty Supply from Japan.

SMART COLLECTION ECO Pile Fabric 2 WAY Beauty Salon Gown (Double Opening) Dark Brown

SMART COLLECTION ECO Pile Fabric 2 WAY Beauty Salon Gown (Double Opening) Dark Brown

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Detachable from 2 positions! It's time-saving 2-way gown. 

It's a double opening type of the popular series "ECO pile series".

This product was manufactured from a customer's request! 

Since buttons are placed both in front and at the back, so that one doesn't have to reverse the position of the gown's buttons. 
We changed the buttons to snap-type ones, which is easier to use. 

There are two snap positions, so it' can be used for a physically large person!
The maximum surrounding size:  140cm 

• Soft texture and our committed making process
• Excellent material focused on "100% cotton" with great water absorbency
• Excellent in durability to machine washing and anti-discoloration dyed in indanthrene way which is unlikely to decolor. 
• It's one-size-fits-all and ideal for anyone from a slim person to physically large person.

Size:  One size fits all
Length: 83cm
Material:  Cotton 100%
Button:  Plastic
Weight:  about 380g

[Cautions for machine washing]
Make sure not to take any of the actions below since it causes fluff dropping and pile's falling off.
• When you use a washing machine, please wash clothes after putting them in a washing net. 
(It may lose color in the beginning, so do not wash it with others.) 
• Do not use a tumbler-type washing machine.
(It has too strong effects, which is likely to lead to excess shrinkage. ) 
• Do not use excess volume of fabric softener.
• Do not use chlorine bleaches (or a detergent including choline and bleach). 

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