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ECO Pile Fabric Towel 34 x 85cm (12pcs) Dark Navy

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Quick-dry salon dedicated towel

ECO pile area towel ground series with outstanding durability and reasonable price charm.
This item is a general size (34 x 85 cm) towel.
You can use it in various salons regardless of your business style!

Thickness is comparatively thin, easy to handle and easy to dry, making it ideal for salons that you use in large quantities everyday.

* The pile is short, it is difficult for fibers to come off such as caught and the thread comes out, and it is excellent in durability.
* Horn corner is a hem triangle so that the thread is not frayed.
* Since both sides are firmly sewn with threads, it is best suited for high usage frequency applications.
* Because it is a slane dyed process, it is a finish that hardly discolors after washing.
* Soft dough, it is superior in water absorbency while it is thin.

It offeres you with amazing value-added price realized by bulk production at dedicated towel factory!

Due to the nature of the material, fluffing peculiar to cotton occurs at the beginning, but it will calm down to washing.

[Precautions for washing]
Please be aware of the following because it will cause troubles such as fuzz falling and pile missing.
* When washing, please put it in the laundry net.
(Please do not wash with other things as there is a possibility of falling color out of the beginning)
* Do not use a tumble dryer.
(The action is too strong, it is easy to cause excessive shrinkage)
* Do not use excessive softener.
* Do not use chlorine bleach (or detergent containing chlorine / bleach).
* If you leave it wet, there is a possibility of color transfer, so please dry quickly after washing.

Size: 34 x 85 cm
Weight: Approx 60 g
Ryome Number; approx 190
Material: 100% cotton
Quantity: 12 sheets

Due to the nature of the material, fluffing peculiar to cotton occurs at the beginning, but it will calm down to washing.

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