Professional Beauty Supply from Japan.

Professional Beauty Supply from Japan.

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Luxia [CLAIRE] High Breathability, Low Resilience Facial Bed

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A breathable material is used! A high-grade bed with 1-year warranty is now on sale! 

After various opinions from eyelash therapists and aestheticians were reflected, a highly breathable low-resilient bed with higher functionality was newly created! 
The detailed designs such as piping, coloring, a mesh material were what the manufacturer focused on and it's really sophisticated. The bed will surely upgrade an atmosphere of your salon. 

[Convenient and detachable footrest]
The footrest can be dethatched, so that a therapist can easily approach a foot and massage more easier.

[Breathable mesh]
Breathable mesh is used for the central part of the fabric so it's comfortable and less likely to get steamed by the heat.

[Features of low-resilient urethane cushion with high cushion property]

The cushion is made up of the double structure of high-grade low-resilient sponge + high-density urethane. 
It has both a gentle resilience unique to low-resilient property and the encompassing cushion, and broke a new ground in comfortability of beds.  
The cushion is as thick as 12cm, which is the best standard in the same model!
If a body sinks down, the urethane can support it.
In order to utilize these features, we introduced high-grate artificial leather of PU leather (polyurethane leather) which is similarly soft as an authentic leather.

[Non-step adjustable reclining for the backrest and the footrest]
This bed is adjustable with no-step reclining function for the backrest and the footrest by sliding the support, and one can create a favorite position from full flat to a chair style. 

[Safe with 2 stays for angle adjustment ]
The 2 stays support the bed so that the footrest and the backrest can be reclined, so it is excellent in stability. 

[The armrest which hold an arm tight]
This armrest is quite long so that one can hold  the arm tight. 

* When one gets on and off with the foot part at an up position, one may lose balance and fall. Please make sure to lower the foot part when using it. 

[Features of low-resilient urethane cushion]
Using the sponge material of low-resilient urethane which sinks and returns gradually disperses and supports body weight.  

Therefore, when one lies down on the low-resilient urethane cushion, a body sinks slowly onto the mattress and one feels like being encompassed. This is the secret of inducing good sleeping while relieving fatigue even after a long treatment. 

* Beware of imitations!
Recently we've seen imitations/copy products of ours, but these are totally different. So beware of it! Our product is an original model developed after opinions were gathered from actual salons from the stretch, so the quality and function is totally different from that of imitations!

Size: W86cm (64cm without the armrests) x D187cm x H69cm
Weight: 38kg
Load capacity: 500kg
Thickness of cushion: 120mm

* Water is likely to permeate into mesh parts, so it is ideal for treatment with little liquid. 
* This has only non-hole type. 

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