Professional Beauty Supply from Japan.

Professional Beauty Supply from Japan.

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SMART COLLECTION Relaxing Foot Cushion Dark Brown

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This is a foot cushion jointly developed with Megumi Hattori, a leading instructor of esthetics for making beautiful muscles.
As this supports feet from perfect angles, it provides a customer with excellent treatment. 

[Massage from Ms. Hattori]
A bed is a place where a customer has a treatment which is the main purpose after arriving at a salon. So we can call it "the holy ground of a salon". The backbone (posture) of a human being is an mild S-shaped to support a heavy head and is called "a backbone's biological curve (S-curve). It plays an important role to ease strains on muscles which support a heavy head of humans living a life uplight. When one lies down on one's back, it is a state with the legs and the back bent or the posture of a fetus in a mother's tummy that one can feel comfortable with.  This is maybe affected by the biological curve. When one lies on a flat bed, this S-curve becomes straightline so that one feels uncomfortable or women, especially, may have a backache due to thickness of her hips. 
 We have several beds in our salon and some of them are the ones that a customer can bend their legs and backs, which are totally different from ordinal beds, our customers favorably said. In order to make a flat bed comfortable likewise, the key is an angle to bend feet.  This foot cushion was created to have the most comfortable angle after getting customers' opinions. Better comfortability only can improve the service of each salon, so I hope many of you will use it. 

Dimension: W400 × D500 × H140mm
Material: PU

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